Hamber Bill is Devoid of Vitamins...he only lives on mustrad.

Mom always said take your vitamins but I am not sure if she had the Dayalets Mascots in mind. In 1960 Abbott Dayalets commisioned these anthromorphic portraits to promote Dayalets Vitamins. Used to promote good health and show us the ill effects of a bad diet. Each print is paired with a rhyme to go with the image to describe why you need Dayalets. Posters were hung in doctor offices and pharmacies across the United States. Original prints measure appoximately 15 1/2 x 9 3/4.

Mrs. Peeler the Vitamin Stealer.

Mr. Drencher the Hunger Quencher.

Grandpa Netter is a Vitamin Forgetter.

Strachy Pete is a Vitamin Cheat.

Faddish Pear the Salad Girl

Tommy Teen is a Vitamin-Lean

Walt Mossberger in Meat Form

Soda Sue Skips Vitamins Too.

Mr. Herbivorus is a Vitamin-ivorous

Mr. Beeter the Between Mealer.

Mr. Weeder and Nico Feeder.

Mrs. Boiler is a Vitamin Spoiler.

Mr. Avoiddupoiser is a Vitamin Avoider. Thank you James Lileks for sharing the Dayalets.
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